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Should Investors Sell Last Week's ValueCap's Mystical Effect on Blue Chips especially FGV?

The reason being FGV shot up the most last Monday on the speculation that this will be the number one priority stock for ValueCap to buy. Since, the market now realizes that ValueCap needs to raise the RM20b, shouldn't one take profit as it looks like the funds will not arrive in time to meet T3? 

Jim Roger's 2011 $1,000 Gold Prediction

Being a contrarian is not easy as it often requires guts to take an opposite position to the market. It is lonely being a contrarian. It also requires conviction. So it was over the weekend when the Star carried an article following an interview with Jim Rogers one of the greatest investment gurus of all times that I thought of revisiting his ca...

Bumi Armada Rumor Of Indian Billionaire Taking A Stake

Ananda was in the limelight last week for being amongst the most heavily US$ debt exposed individual/group in the region, so this news is interesting as it could imply that banks are indeed uncomfortable with the group's level of US$ debt or that he see the ringgit situation worsening ahead.

Market Losing Steam

KLCI is down further falling 21.81 points @ 12.:22 News flow and hence sentiment are focused on the weaker ringgit and this breaking news

JAG Moves Into Laundrette Business

I have on and off monitored JAG ever since the reversal of the private assets of the major shareholder in 2013 into Infortech. Post the injection of the core business of Datuk Ng (Jaring Metal Industries) the earnings have not been that exciting as the profit numbers attest. JAG's fortunes are very much tied to JMI. So the company have made atte...

Was MyEG pop up on Friday due to Dow Jones Tweaking its Malaysia Titan 25 Index

Last Friday, the traded volume of MyEG jumped up from less than 2.8m shares the day before to 21.8m shares. The price hit an intra day high of 2.95 but settled for a close of 2.85 or for a 12 sen gain. At that time, I was wondering what could it be that got investors all excited This morning, the reason became a bit more apparent. S&P Dow Jo...

Global Oriental All Cashed Up

Global Oriental first attracted my attention in 2013 due to the hot interest in the property sector especially in the small cap property counters. The Up-Down chart is self explanatory with the sector going cold last year. The stock continued to slide in line with peers with little or no catalysts in the pipeline. All that has changed last week ...

Malaysia's Semiconductor Stocks Still Have Legs

Here is  a report I just read as published by Kinibiz on the sector Semiconductor stocks    

Market Losing Momentum On Some ST Headwinds

Last Friday, selling on the local market emerged around 4:00 pm taking the index down by some 18 points before closing the day off its lows with a net decline of 12 points This morning, the market looks sluggish and price are again in the red with the index down 11.73 points in the first 6 minutes of trading. What is driving investors to the sid...

CLIQ RM50m Loan Poser

On Tuesday I posted a comment on SPACs saying as a result of the shrinking ringgit, the amount SPACs have to acquire an asset have shrunk in US$ terms. This article shows the conundrum as the rules forbid SPACs from 'hedging' the funds raised from an IPO whereby the funds raised in Ringgit cannot be immediately converted into US$ until the QA is...