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Morning News Compilation 22 September

This I believe was found in the wordings in the speech last week Talks are emerging on Wall Street suggesting that QE4 is a possibility not a rate hike

Morning News Compilation 21 September This is interesting proof that a spike in US interest rates will not necessarily raise borrowing costs globally

Morning News Compilation 19 September

Even the too close to call interest rates tantrum couldn't have envisaged this market reaction in the US. For the KLCI, coming Monday is expected to open soft as yesterday's last hour of trading saw emergence of selling forces that shook the index noticeably….

FerrexPo bank deposits vanishes and others

Haze Heat Map

Morning News Compilation 18 September

Little reaction in the US markets to Fed (in)action USD continues to ease, Ringgit regains lost ground  The Fed can't ignore the China risk

Morning News Compilation 16 September

A huge game changer on OPEC oil and what it means for the sector Abe's 3 Arrows template and implications for countries struggling with options on how to stimulate

Copycat Failures

This is too broad a view as empirical evidence in the case of Malaysia have shown otherwise. If ValueCap sticks to undervalued stock using its own investment criteria, odds are good it won't make the mistakes of its China counterparts

US Dirty Linens

Morning News Compilation 17 September

 S&P rose overnight to two weeks high as Fed tantrum fear sobers Market gains confidence ........ China playbook. JPMorgan's take on the inevi...