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Another Red Flag For AAX AAX completed its rights issue a few months earlier but gearing remains high. Both Philippines and Indonesian operations remain a drag on the company. This restructuring of delivery of planes is not surprising

A 3 Days Selling Frenzy August 24-26 From A Bonds Perspective

The spike in bond yields and the 3 day collapse of the KLCI (24-26) and today's prices confirm the extent of dumping of MGS on fears of further collapse in the ringgit. But so far as the next chart shows, the ringgit has stabilized albeit at a level higher and the KLCI is 100 points higher  

ValueCap To The Rescue Market is already seeing knee jerk reaction with index up 18 points after a lacklustre morning session. The million dollar question is what constitutes as "Undervalued" as malaysian semantics for 'undervalued' can mean anything. Opps maybe that is just being cheeky. My first response would be lower liners...

GMT Research on Corporate Leverage

How Widespread Was Margin Calls On Major Shareholders Recently?

It is without fail that each time a stock market 'unexpectedly' collapses, margin calls will shoot up. A margin call situation can be rectified by injecting in collaterals via cash or shares or alternatively by disposal of shares or a combination of the two. This is the most common way of addressing a shortfall in the margin account. There is a ...

KLCI Will Retest 1,500 if Fed Reserve Raises Rates Now

Market has made an impressive 100 points recovery since the mad sell off between August 24 and 26th which saw the Fibonacci 75% tested severely. As the world and the local market awaits the decision of the Feds this week on interest rates, what will happen if the US Federal Reserves opts to look after its own interests by raising rates to preemp...

Nexgram Consulting Fees

Well connected and definitely controversial best sums up who Tey Por Yee is. See this and this Protasco Regardless of whether consulting fees is inventory or should be treated as a non-current asset etc is irrelevant from my point of view. This is simply because stocks linked to him attract traders and s...

AirAsia GMT Both Never Saw This Coming

At the height of the spat between AirAsia and GMT over allegations of financial irregularities, both insisted that the other was making things up. Whilst Tony did not quite say what a fair value for AirAsia would be, GMT on the other hand stuck its neck to say that it should be worth around 1.20ish when the price in the market was hovering aroun...

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