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Morning News Compilation 18 September

Little reaction in the US markets to Fed (in)action USD continues to ease, Ringgit regains lost ground  The Fed can't ignore the China risk

Morning News Compilation 16 September

A huge game changer on OPEC oil and what it means for the sector Abe's 3 Arrows template and implications for countries struggling with options on how to stimulate

Copycat Failures

This is too broad a view as empirical evidence in the case of Malaysia have shown otherwise. If ValueCap sticks to undervalued stock using its own investment criteria, odds are good it won't make the mistakes of its China counterparts

US Dirty Linens

Morning News Compilation 17 September

 S&P rose overnight to two weeks high as Fed tantrum fear sobers Market gains confidence ........ China playbook. JPMorgan's take on the inevi...

What Business Survives A 99% Drop in Revenue?

Morning News Compilation 15 September

Fed Reserve's No 2 tilting towards now rather than later. although it is not left to him but the Board to decide collectively And finally, the emp...

What I Have Been Reading: This Morning

Barrons says Alibaba has 50 percent to fall Fed Reserve's could go either way on interest rates this week. This read is on the winners-losers list A Chea...

September 16 A Not Unreasonable Advice Hot heads and punks inevitably will look for trouble. It is fairly common these days to see demonstrations in even developed countries turn ugly but this does not mean that it should lead to racial riots. On the contrary, I thin...